mkbhd wallpapers on your Android Headunit

So you like the look of Marques Brownlees (@MKBHD) wallpapers and you would like to see them on your android headunit?

mkbhd wallpapers are currently very popular, but Marques Brownlee does much more than just wallpaper so be sure to check out his site for quality tech videos.

Back to the MKBHD Wallpapers

You need two things to get those wonderful mkbhd wallpapers onto your android headunit screen so we will link you to the tools you need. Just some simple steps but they are necessary.

Step 1

You need to install a compatible launcher that will accept desktop wallpaper. Not all of the car launchers will allow this but the notable exceptions are FCC Car Launcher. Available on the play store FCC will allow you to choose a custom wallpaper then add widgets to display the information you want over the top of it.
The other exception that is slightly out if the box is to use a phone launcher that can display wallpapers and widgets. Lay the widgets in a way that is easily accessible and you have a car launcher based on a phone launcher. The advantage of this is that custom wallpapers are a standard feature of phone launchers. Adding mkbhd wallpaper is a simple process. We like Nova Launcher as a car launcher with custom wallpaper and widgets because it is a little different form the norm.

There are many other car launchers out there that may take a custom wallpaper, let us know in the comments if you have one.

Step 2

Get yourself some MKBHD wallpapers and either store them on a memory stick and transfer them to the android headunit or download directly to the headunit from the web. Marques Brownlee has been very kind to upload a selection of his wallpapers to a google drive for you to download.

MKBHD Wallpapers Download

Unzip the collection of MKBHD wallpapers to extract the individual images. You can then browse to the picture you want from the launcher file selector for ‘custom wallpaper’.

Job Done

You should now have a wonderful MKBHD wallpaper showing on your android head unit. You are free to change the picture an unlimited number of times.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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