Mobile Data on an Android Headunit

What is the best way to get mobile data, be it 3G, 4G, edge, (5G) or any other form of internet onto an android headunit?

All the android headunits benefit from having an internet connection. You can download apps using data, but that is not all. Mobile data is best used on the road for updating satnav traffic and routing information on the fly to avoid jams and problems on route. You can also use mobile data to stream music over the internet on your android headunit.

How to get the mobile data?

The most common method and usually the first tried to get working is setting a wifi hotspot on the phone and connecting to that hotspot on the android headunit. Simple yet effective.

The problems are several, some phones are not great at hotspot. It may not be your phone, a works phone may not allow tethering to share the data plan. You may find it inconvenient to start a hotspot each time you use the car. These are all very good reasons to not use your phone as a source of mobile data for your android headunit.

Another option

You can use a dedicated mifi or dongle device with your android headunit for mobile data. A Dongle or MiFi has its own SIM card, with its own data plan that can be used by the headunit. You don’t even need to take your phone with you! Data only SIM cards are relatively good value for money and we have a topic covering the SIM cards for an Android Headunit to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Our Recommendation

We like this Huawei E8372 Wingle – USB powered 4G data stick that can share a 4G data plan over wifi to your android headunit. Being USB powered makes it easy to install as no extra wires are required to run it. Just use a spare USB socket on the android headunit. The E8372 is unlocked to any network and will run up to 4G speeds. There is also the option to connect an external aerial to the wingle, which is a bonus you may not need but a gift if you do.

Buy the E8372 WINGLE on Amazon

Best SIM card for an android headunit?

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