Motorola MA1

With an uninspiring name, it would not be easy to guess what Motorola made with their MA1.

Wireless Android Auto Adaptor

The MA1 is a wireless Android Auto car adaptor. It is designed to easily and wirelessly connect a compatible in-car headunit to your Android phone. The MA1 acts as a wireless Android Auto dongle, with a USB plug at one end and a black box at the other.

You don’t need

You don’t need an Android headunit to benefit from the MA1. In fact, if you have a decent Android headunit in your car, you may not even be interested in Android Auto.

You do need

It would be best to have an Android Auto-compatible existing headunit in your vehicle with at least one free USB port. The Motorola MA1 plugs into the spare USB port and connects wirelessly to the Android phone in Android Auto mode. This brings your phone’s apps to the car’s headunit, an in-car upgrade. Android apps, including Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, and many more, are now available via your compatible in-car display just by installing them on your phone.


Latency is reduced over the older 2.4GHz wireless Android Auto systems by employing the newer and faster 5GHz frequencies to cast the phone to the screen. While the USB cable always worked quickly when it should, it wasn’t keeping up with modern expectations. Wireless has been around for ages, but Android Auto was stuck with wired or slow connections. The MA1 changes all that and brings Android Auto Bang up to date.


Bluetooth is used in the initial connection of the MA1 to your phone. This BT link makes the Wi-Fi connection easy, as no additional steps with hot spots or pairing are required to operate the AA MA1.


This is a wireless Android Auto upgrade if you use wired Android Auto now.


If your only USB port gave you wired Android Auto and charged your phone, you may have to find another way to charge the phone.

Where to get one?

The Motorola MA1 is available on Amazon with many favorable reviews!

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