Need the DAB+ app?

The DAB+ app is often factory installed to your android headunit but through some mistake it has been deleted or you initiated a factory rest, the DAB+ app in no longer present. Or maybe you tried the DAB-Z app and removed the DAB+ app. Now you want the DAB+ app back and its just not there.

Not a Playstore app

Searching for DAB+ on the playstore does not give you what you want. DAB-Z and other streaming apps are listed but DAB+ is noticeably absent.


Not being a playstore app will mean, even if you could find the file for DAB+ it will need sideloading to install. We have a help page to walk you through sideloading apps onto your android headunit to make this easier for you.

Helpful forum member

Thanks to a helpful XDA forum member, Tbizzness the DAB+ file has been been made available to download. It comes in an .apk format, with the file name com.ex.dabplayer.pad-H2.36-0-aio.apk

Use our sideloading instructions to get the DAB+ .apk file installed into your android headunit.

Download DAB+

The google drive link to DAB+ is in the first post of this XDA topic.

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Android HeadUnit
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