P4030 Autoradio car stereo

The P4030 is a single DIN mounting car radio with a small 3.8″ screen that fits within the single DIN stereo.

Quick P4030 Questions and Answers

Is the P4030 autoradio single DIN size?

Yes. The P4030 is the right size for a single DIN install, and the screen is small enough to be included in that single DIN space.

Is the P4030 an android head unit?

No, the P4030 is not Android-based, and the P4030 can not run Android apps or access the Android play store.

Does the P4030 have a rear camera, for backing up or reversing your car?

You can connect a rear-facing camera to the P4030 to see the vehicle’s rear when moving backward.

Small form factor

The P4030 is perfect for a single DIN mounting. It has a small form factor of 178mm wide body with a body height of 50mm, and the depth into the dashboard is 85mm. These measurements make it perfect for fitting into a single DIN space. These single DIN spaces are often left when an aftermarket stereo has been removed or an older car has a factory stereo.

P4030 car stereo dimensions

Many features

The P4030 stereo has a long list of impressive features, which pridefully show on the sales pages and the glossy simulated product images.

  • 3.8″ IPS Screen
  • AUX in
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 player
  • USB ports for music
  • USB phone charging
  • Rear camera input for backup or reversing
  • External microphone for Bluetooth handsfree calls
  • SWC – steering wheel controls input

Android features

This small, universal size headunit with the features listed and its small screen sounds like it could be the ideal Android headunit upgrade. Unfortunately, there is no Android in this car stereo and no Play Store or Android apps. This is not it if you are looking for an Android headunit of single DIN with a small, hidden screen. Although the size and screen look perfect for the job, it won’t run Android apps.

No android

Not having Android may not be a problem for you. If you want a small screen in a single DIN car stereo with a backup camera and MP3 player, then the P4030 may be for you. They are a very cheap MP3 player with backup camera support, cheaply made from cheaply sourced materials. Much effort goes into the selling, but not so much into the quality. Longevity is a concern, it may not last long past the warranty, but at such a low cost, it is to be expected. Have a look for the P4030 here (Ali Express).

ISO Connectors

The P4030 will connect to a car with standard ISO connectors, and they should plug straight in. Don’t bother with the supplied cables if you need to adapt the ISO to your vehicle wiring. The cables supplied are not much use to you. There are many alternative, ready-made cables to convert the P4030 ISO sockets to whatever system your car uses. The bare ends of the P4030 cables lead you to think that cutting and joining are required, and it probably isn’t and shouldn’t be your first choice for installation.

Backup Camera

The P4030 has a small screen that can also show the backup camera. A rear-facing camera fitted to the vehicle’s rear can be connected to the P4030 car radio to provide an excellent reversing camera. The wiring loom has a vehicle reversing light circuit connection to enable this automatic backing-up camera display.

Backing up camera on single DIN

P4030 roundup

The P4030 is not an Android-based headunit. We like Android headunits, and the P4030 is not one. But if you want a cheap MP3 player with a color touch screen and backup camera support, the P4030 may be for you. Bluetooth for calls and AUX may be enough to tempt you. Just don’t expect it to last for years and years as it is not made to last the life of the car.

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