Parking Sensors stopped working

You have fitted your shining new Android headunit, got it all set up correctly for google, downloaded some apps, and tested the sounds. All good; maybe there were a few stumbles along the way, but you have overcome the obstacles, and now it is time to test it on the open road. Everything is great, except on the return home, you notice the ‘beep beep’ of the parking assistance sensors is silent.

Silence from the parking aids

Your original factory headunit had some part in the parking sensor aid system fitted to the car. The beep beep came from the speakers via the factory headunit via a manufacturer BUS, and your new android headunit doesn’t speak, can’t speak, or refuses to speak CAN BUS.

Simple Solution

The simple solution is to use the reversing camera feature built into all android headunits. The android headunits are often supplied with a ‘free gift’ of a reversing camera. The camera may only be for testing purposes to prove that part of the android headunit is working and a better quality or vehicle model-specific custom fit reversing camera can be fitted. There are even some ‘birds’ eye style’ 360° camera systems that do more than any ‘beep beep’ backup system could dream of. The android headunit automatic switching reversing camera removes the need for the factory backup reversing system and simultaneously gives it a kick of an upgrade.

Other Solutions

CAN BUS has been mentioned. With a CAN-compatible android headunit, it is possible to tap into the CAN BUS of the vehicles with the correct adaptor. Then there is a configuration in the android headunit settings (possibly protected by a PIN) to enable the correct features to enable the beeping parking aid sensors. There are many variables, and you won’t have CAN BUS options or an adaptor with a universal headunit; they are more common with a custom fit. If you can’t find the settings, you may need to contact the vendor for assistance.

But, and it’s a big BUT.

Just fit the camera upgrade.

Be it a simple reversing camera, one with trajectory tracking, a fully featured 360° or a custom fit reversing camera, you will be using the android headunit to fulfill its destiny of helping you park safely and avoid any headaches with android headunit settings or manufacturer CAN bus system integration.

I am an staff blogger. I have been using Android on my devices for many years and have learned a lot about the features and best hardware to keep up with the latest Android versions. I also make the coffee ☕

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  1. I installed a CUSP 12.1 Inch Car Stereo Radio GPS Navigation for Chevrolet Suburban 2007-2016 IPS Screen Kit Android PX6 4G+64G Multimedia Player in Dash Kit Audio and now I get SERVICE PARKING ASSIST ON MY DASH! I had to remove my TRACTION PARK PEDAL SWITCH!
    The unit I installed:

    Now I have the SERVICE PARKING ASSIST ON THE DASH! my pedal adjustment is controlled on the android but it doesnt control the parking assist even thou it is on the unit with traction also?


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