PIN CODES for an Android Headunit

Some of the advanced features of an Android Headunit are protected by a PIN or passcode number.

There reasoning behind this is to prevent the tinkerer from changing setting that could cause a problem such as a non functional head unit. This leads to unnecessary vendor contact (time wasting) and in the event of no contact, then unwarranted poor reviews are often unfairly left. By protecting the advanced features from accidental changes it keeps the headunit functioning well, for longer.

The problem?

These PIN codes are usually in the manual and you have either thrown it in the recycling by now or there is no password code in the manual 🙁 These android head unit passcodes not only protect the advanced settings, the boot logo changes, but also protect the factory settings for a reset and the Developer Options have passwords.

These settings passwords can be different numbers for each use. You may even be searching for more than one head unit password, depending on what you need to change.

The Android head unit PIN code is also known as the Menu password, Advanced Settings Password, Factory reset Kode, Android head unit factory settings password, Android 10 head unit pass code or boot logo password.

Whichever name it goes under, the secret android headunit code you need to dig deeper in its settings, is going to be in the list below. Just use the not so secret code with caution as you can easily make thin not work by changing the settings. It may surprise you but the setting have already been setup optimally for the hardware installed. Making changes may not bring the improvements you are expecting.

Recycle PIN codes

Luckily the manufacturers tend to reuse the codes and unlike a real PIN code, they are not secret. But finding the one you need to unlock the extra ‘Password Protected’ android headunit feature is frustratingly illusive. Not all of the PIN number are 4 digits, but if yours will only accept a 4 digit PIN, it will help to narrow down the possibilities for you.

PIN numbers shared

We have a list of PIN codes that are on a battered piece of paper and we thought it would be useful to share them with you in a more modern, digital kind of way.

The Android Headunit PIN numbers can be for settings (advanced) or factory reset.

The android head unit default password list


  • 110
  • 126
  • 162
  • 168
  • 518
  • 888 (Boot Logo)
  • 0000
  • 1234
  • 1314
  • 1464
  • 1617
  • 1912
  • 1983
  • 3366
  • 3368
  • 3506
  • 3711
  • 5678 (Boot Logo)
  • 5768
  • 5839
  • 6688
  • 7749 (Boot Logo)
  • 7788
  • 7890
  • 8086 – Launcher
  • 8317
  • 8861
  • 8888
  • 12345
  • 12356
  • 12580
  • 56789
  • 77049
  • 000000
  • 110126 (Boot Logo)
  • 111333
  • 121212
  • 123456
  • 190627
  • 667788
  • 888666
  • 888888
  • 16176699
  • 66668888

EINCAR and others, also try:
Dev options: 7890
USB debug: john@tw-desktop
Car Extra options: 123456

Navos Head Unit

Go to the Phone screen, dial *123456# and press the green phone or “answer” button.

PIN numbers for password protected areas on Chinese Android Headunits for various manufactures including the Topway TS10 & TS7, Mekede, A-Media Auto, ESSgoo, Vanku, Eincar, Camecho, Xtrons, Yoyx, Eonon, Hizpo, HiKity, iAuch, Dasaita, Yuntx, Aotsr, Nhopeew, EZoneTronics, Lexxson, Eunavi, Autosion and Amaseaudio android based head units, including many, if not all of the Unbranded no-name China made android 10 head units out there.

Pumpkins Only

Pumpkin have an additional list of android head unit passwords here that would be worth trying first if yours is a pumpkin brand as that list is much shorter.


If you need the ‘Android head unit factory settings password’ or the ‘kode factory reset head unit android’ or possibly you need the ‘android 10 head unit factory settings password’ or you could have a need for the ‘PX6 factory settings password’ then it is going to appear in the list above.

As manufacturers produce new versions of their android car stereos they will add additional passwords to them. We will update the list as the passwords become available so be sure to check back if you were recently unsuccessful in finding the unlock code.


We will update the list of passcodes as they become known. If you have offered codes or conformed they work in the comments, we salute you. Thank you for helping the community access their android headunit protected user settings ❤️.

Please let us know in the comments if you were successful in finding the pass code for your android headunit and be sure to let us know if you didn’t.

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  1. password on manual is 8888 but did not work. checked this website and tried the numbers starting from the top and 3368 worked. i have an iMars android stereo

  2. Thanks for the list but unfortunately none of these (and numerous others I’ve tried) didn’t do it. I’m just gonna get rid of this garbage unit. Idk why anyone would waste a dime on this junk. PX3. I believe it’s made by a company called Xtronix or something. Was in the car when I got it. Won’t be for much longer though. Lol. Thanks again ♡

  3. I got Android 10 10.25 password provided by seller is 190627. Unfortunately doesn’t work. Seller doesn’t respond to my emails :-(. Any ideas.

    • Thanks for the code. Have you tried the others in our list? Start at the top and one, by one, work your way down until you strike it lucky.

  4. I have tried all the codes published here and none of them work for a Car stereo GPS Nav Sat Android 10.0 CLK (1998-2006) Ref EME36
    Can anyone help please?

    • Hi Hunley Dufrene, try this:

      Go to the Phone screen, dial *123456# and press the green phone or “answer” button.


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