Please open the debug button lamp lights!


The screen shows the RGB settings page and a well translated message appears ‘Please open the debug button lamp lights!’ accompanied by the ever-so-helpful ‘OK’ button.

Android Headunit Tip

If you are lost already and need to know what android headunit RGB actually is, then we have a topic for that subject here: RGB

You are not the only person with this problem! The RGB screen should allow you to adjust with a high degree of fine tuning, the RED,GREEN and BLUE levels of the LEDs on the left hand panel. The RGB adjustment should take the white lights and make them virtually any colour you choose.

Debug me! OK?

You receive the ‘Please open the debug button lamp lights!‘ error when the RGB app attempts to connect to the RGB controller. Unfortunately there is no RGB controller fitted to your android headunits. The reason there is no RGB controller fitted is because there are no RGB LEDs. Only White LEDs are present and they are stuck on white. No way to change it, nothing to change.

No Debug

There is no debugging to be done. There is nothing you can do. The android headunit was so cheap that the manufacturers could save enough money on manufacturing costs by actually missing out the RGB controller and associated RGB LEDs. That would be very small money, but when margins are tight, this is what happens.

More bad news and the good news.

Chances are you have a fake, or at least a very low specification android headunit and it won’t be up to much android work. The good news is that you can get much better android headunits that do have RGB features that work and not a huge outlay over the one that doesn’t work properly. Have a look at our universal fitting fastest android headunits. But stocks are disappearing quickly.

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