Single DIN with a 10″ Display

This car stereo upgrade is a universal single DIN with a difference.
Unlike most of the 10″ fixed screen single DINs, this one has the ability to rotate into portrait mode.

Portrait or Landscape

This Single DIN android headunit has a large 10″ display in it’s 11.7″ screen that can easily be orientated to landscape or portrait mode. This gives a you a choice, but the main reason for this screen configuration is its portrait mode. Portrait gives it a tesla look and feel without the addition costs associated with a custom fit tesla style android headunits.


There is no point having a large portrait screen only to find the headunit is slow to load apps or is unresponsive to taps. There is no problem there with this 10″ android headunit. The PX6 processor is fast, very fast and coupled with the 4Gb of RAM it runs very smoothly. Loading apps and switching between them is responsive. This is a very capable android headunit.


The ISO connectors are important for a universal fit because this can save a lot of time and potential to make wiring mistakes when installing. The ISO connectors are a standard that are easily adapted to manufacturer specific plugs and sockets with the correct adaptor. No need to cut and join the speaker wires. You will need to join some of the leads, like the reversing camera if you plan to use one.

Single DIN

The single DIN body is also a good quality heatsink to help keep the very fast processor cool. The single DIN body is universal fitting and will slot neatly into a single DIN mounting.


This may not have the most features of an android headunit but is does have what counts. The fastest processor (PX6), the ideal quantity of RAM (4GB) and a DSP are all top-end specifications. Coupled with a large portrait screen and the low cost can make this unbeatable if budget it tight. It is great value for money and will connect to the usual android features so you won’t miss out in DAB+, TPMS or wifi. Just be sure the large portrait screen won’t obscure the vents or switches too much.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”10 inch Portrait stereo upgrade” positives=”budget friendly portrait screen
single DIN body
ISO connectors
PX6 Processor
64Gb ROM
sub out
portrait or landscape screen rotation
a lot of screen for the money” negatives=”no fastboot
large bezel
no DSP
it is a universal fit and may need additional adaptors to fit some vehicles”]
[rating title=”Speed” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Value for money” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of use” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of install” value=”3″ range=”5″]

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Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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