Pumpkin Android 8, 8.1, and 9 head unit passwords

Pumpkin Android headunits factory settings and boot logo codes also appear in the full Android head unit password list. We have also distilled the pumpkin Android 8 and 8.1 and Android nine passwords for the boot logo, developer options, and factory restore here. This older Pumpkin Auto Android password list can save time if you have a compatible pumpkin headunit (android 8, 8.1, or 9). This is only because the pumpkin pass key list is much shorter than the Android 10 generic passcodes listed here.

Codes for the Pumpkin Auto head units running Android 8 or 8.1 or Android 9

  • 126
  • 888 (Boot Logo)
  • 3368 (Developer options)
  • 5678 (Boot Logo)
  • 7890
  • 8888
  • 121212
  • 123456 (Factory)

  • 518 (for older models’ factory settings)

These passkeys for the pumpkin Android headunits will allow you access to the Android developer options, allow for a factory restore, or change the boot logo.

Uses for Pumpkin codes

The need for these Pumpkin Android passcodes, except the boot logo code, is limited. You may only need to factory reset the pumpkin once in your lifetime. The factory and reset codes are useful if you are selling it or have purchased it second-hand and need to clear out the old data. The pumpkin boot logo password may be needed with changing the vehicle and refitting the original pumpkin head unit.


Changing the settings protected by a PIN number on your Android headunit can cause the pumpkin to stop booting up, which can be permanent and has no way of recovery. Please use these Pumpkin passwords with caution.

Other Brands or other android Versions

If you find your Android headunit is not a pumpkin based on Android 8, 8.1, or 9, please see our expanded list of passcodes for Chinese android headunits, including generic brands running Android 10.

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