QCC3083 Bluetooth

You may see the QCC3083 being listed in the Android Headunit features. But what is a QCC3083? And what benefit does it bring to an Android headunit?

Do you need the QCC3083? and is having one better than not having one?


QCC is Qualcomm a longstanding company from its roots in 1985 to a huge corporation today. A fabless company that designs chips and devices with licencing agreements for manufacturers to produce the actual products.


The QCC3083 is from the QCC30xx range of QualComm-designed Bluetooth audio SoCs for portable speakers and earbuds.

The QCC3083 has many notable features including:

  • Lossless and high-resolution audio with aptX Adaptive Audio and Snapdragon Sound technologies
  • Integrated noise cancellation (Active Noise Cancellation (ANC))
  • Ultra-low power
  • Bluetooth LE Audio
  • Bluetooth® 5.3 Qualified
  • Bluetooth® 5.4 Qualified
  • Support for Google Fast Pair
  • On-chip memory for audio buffering


The purpose of the QCC3083 is to provide Bluetooth high-quality audio connectivity. This is useful for Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earbuds. Android Headuits don’t usually need to pair their Bluetooth to phones but if this is something you need to do the QCC3083 is the interface for that.


Any improvement in the Bluetooth implementation in the Android headunits is a good thing. Typically the problematic Bluetooth has been one of the biggest complaints from customers of the headunits.

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