RealDash Car Launcher for Android Headunits


RealDash Car Launcher differs slightly from others we have looked at. Their tagline is ‘WE DO WHATEVER WE LIKE.’ You can see the attention to detail they have put into this visually pleasing and well-featured Car Launcher for an Android Headunit, and we like it. RealDash is aimed at those with interest in the hardware connections to the Engine ECU to gather engine data. A vast list of compatible hardware connections is available in the garage (purple car). But it will function perfectly well and provide a visual feast or a transparent and precise display. The gallery scratches the surface of RealDash Car Launcher, and we suggest you visit the Play Store and try it for free.

Many Launchers

Several car launchers can be installed simultaneously, and a pop-up will appear asking which one you would like to use for a session. This allows you to try several car launchers to find the best one.

Purple Car

All of the pictures in this gallery came from RealLauncher, which showcases a small selection of available launcher displays. The Purple Car in the garage is part of the initial set-up procedure for the finer tuning of the ECU connection to RealDash. You may not need this, but it is available if you do.

RealDash Car Launcher Setup
Real Dash launcher screen for Android headunit
RealDash Car Launcher - 80s purple 3 dials
RealDash Car Launcher - Digital
RealDash Car Launcher - map
RealDash Car Launcher - chrome
RealDash Car Launcher - red
RealDash Car Launcher - blue
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