Replace Vivaro radio with Pumpkin Android Headunit

If your Vivaro from 2011 looks like the picture below with its factory radio fitted and you want to upgrade to an android headunit, then we have the answer.

Vivaro dashboard fitting android headunit
Vivaro 2011 upgrading the factory radio with an android headunit

Android Headunit Tip

The Vauxhall Vivaro X83 platform is shared with the Nissan Primastar J4 and the Renault Trafic 2 (El,Fl,JL) produced from around 2010. The same parts are used for all these vehicles and the process is the same.

Aftermarket parts are available to convert the space in the Vivaro/Primastar/Trafic2 to a double din with a hole for the clock/display. This leaves an ideal space to fit a 7″ screen 2 DIN android headunit like well received and super quick booting pumpkin.

ISO Connectors make it easy

The pumpkin has ISO connectors so it is trivial to use the plug and play adaptor to convert the Vauxhall factory to fit the pumpkin. You may find they you have ISO connectors on the vauxhall wiring and the job just got much easier. Making the electrical connectors ‘plug and play’ saves a lot of time because the time will be spent in fitting the fascia converter.

Adaptor required

You will need one of these vivaro double din adaptors, pictured below that has a space for the display, but if yours has no display, use the blanking plate supplied. This will, with a slight modification with a junior hacksaw, upgrade the vivaro single din to an android headunit shaped double din hole.

The electrical connections are covered by either a straight ISO (Vauxhall) to ISO (Pumpkin) or an adaptor. It is best to remove your existing factory fitted radio to investigate its connectors so you can have the right one ready to you, should you need one.

Get the viv Pumpkin Adaptor on eBay

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