Replacement cables sets for Android Head units

There comes a time when the android headunit gets a new life in a new vehicle and sometimes with a new owner. It is during this transition phase that some or all of the cable sets becomes separated from the head unit. This leads to a headache with the new android headunit install, where some features don’t work or there is no backup camera or sound.

Left behind

Cable installs can be left behind during an upgrade of a head unit or are removed and become separated. Maybe the cable looms are beyond repair or a new set is required for a new install. Whatever the reason, new android headunit cable sets are able to be sourced.

Common Parts

There are a limited number of different cable sets used for the brands and their clones. Finding the right set just needs a comparison of the pin count and configuration on the android headunit socket to compare with the suggested lead set plugs.

Source of Android Headunit Lead Sets

There are several listings for sets, parts of sets and different configurations of the leads for various universal single DIN and Double DIN android headunits and other cloned android headunits like the XY Auto. You can find them here and here.

Full Sets

A full set of replacement android head unit leads would typically contain:

20P connector to 7-RCA Sockets

20P Connector With 6-RCA Sockets

20P connector with 4-RCA Sockets

  • 2 AUX OUT (1 AUX_OUT_L + 1 AUX_OUT_R)
  • 1 video output (CVBS_OUT)
  • 1 video input 1 (CVBS_IN_1)
  • 1x AMP control line

16 way Power and more

  • 1 16P power harness, compatible with most android headunits
  • 1 10P Backup Camera IN
  • 1 10P spare camera input
  • 1 6P USB socket cable
  • 1 4P USB socket cable
  • 1 GPS antenna
  • 1 SIM Slot

The P numbers refer to the number of Pins on the plug/socket at the android headunit end. For example a 4P and 6P USB socket cable is listed. There is one 4 Pin USB cable and one 6 Pin USB cable in the set. You may need one or both, there are options in the links to select packs.

Replacement parts

The listings for replacement android headunit parts include GSM antennas, SIM card adaptor, 4 pin and 6 Pin USB, CAM_VIDEO_IN (the yellow lead with two blue stubby aerials), a range of Phono RCA type sockets including SUB OUT, video aux in and out, audio aux in and out, Power cables and speaker cables.

The yellow connector with blue stubby aerials

Yellow connector with a white plug and two short wires
The yellow video camera input with two blue stubby aerials attached to the plug

You can find that odd looking android headunit lead with the two blue stubby wires here (choose option  3.10 Pin CAM IN).

Set of replacement android head unit leads available
Cable sets for universal Android Head Units to replace those misplaced, lost or damaged.

If you need any of the cable sets shown above check here to find them.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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