Restore google play protect certification

Your android headunit has lost it’s google play protect certification, after a custom ROM? You tried to update it and failed, restored and now it is no longer google play certified? Maybe it came from the factory lacking the google play certification? You can’t add a google account to the android headunit and the error leads you here? Or you are presented with this link: with a message about contacting the manufacturer and getting a certified device, which isn’t really an option for you.


Each and every android device should meet a minimum specification and capability to reach google play certification. If the level is not reached, then google will not grant the manufacturer the google play certification that is needed to install a google account that can access the play store.

Not all android devices can have a google account and work just as well without the play store, side loading becomes the normal, gapps do most of the work. All of the other app stores (every one except google play) will accept any android headunit, play certified or not to serve their apps to you.

The Solution

There is a potential solution to getting google play certification for your android headunit and that is thanks to google. They will accept on a case by case basis end-users requests to add google certification without the need for any testing or checking of suitability. You need one bit of information to start the process and that is the ‘Google Services Framework Android ID’ (not Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID or SSAID) installed in each android headunit. This unique identification, and only this is used to make the request to google.

$ adb root
$ adb shell 'sqlite3 /data/data/ \ 
    "select * from main where name = "android_id";"'

Use ADB and the code above to get the ‘Google Services Framework Android ID’ from within the device then use that code to enter the Google Play Protect Certification Process.

No Access to ADB

You can’t ADB into the android headunit? Try side-loading this ‘Device ID‘ apk or ‘this Device ID tool‘ to get the ‘Google Services Framework Android ID’ (GSF ID) you need to enter into the link above to start the Google Play Protect Certification Process.

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