Revering camera screen shows coloured lines

No picture when you select reverse, just coloured lines. What is wrong?

Backup camera picture missing

When you select reverse gear and check the android headunit screen for obstructions the usual expectation is an image from the camera. You are expecting to see some parking guide lines superimposed over the parking bays behind you. But sometimes this just doesn’t happen.

Coloured Lines

One of the big brands gives you a pretty test image in place of the camera input should there be an error with the camera or it’s wiring. The coloured lines may be more universal than the words ‘camera error’ or ‘check signal’ but they are not as descriptive.

The cause

The backing up cameras are often fitted on the outside of the vehicle to give it the best view of the area behind the car. The problem with this is that the camera gets the worst of the elements, rain, freezing temperatures, very hot direct baking sun all or any of these can accelerate the destruction of the carmeras.

Poor quality

Many of the ‘free gift’ cameras supplied with android headunits as a ‘gift’ are just for testing the camera input on the bench. They are not designed to work of a long time, they are just made to be cheap enough to give as a free gift.

The fix

The common failure when the camera worked on one day but not the next is the camera itself. You don’t need to pull all the cables out just to prove the camera is faulty. Depending on how it was connected a replacement camera can be wired in temporarily just to see if the picture returns. If you get a good image, even if its not properly wired up, you can be sure the problem is with the old camera. Now you have confidence that a replacement camera will fix the problem you can spend good time on running in a new camera cable to the rear of the car.

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