Set volume at startup on Android Headunit

Your android headunit blasts the speakers at full volume when it boots? You may have an amplifier connected to your android headunit and even the default volume level at boot is too high? This is not an uncommon complaint about an android headunit.

No boot volume setting

The boot up volume setting is missing, it never was made an option on your android headunit by the manufacturer. A very basic feature that is just not available on some android headunits making the first boot less enjoyable than it should be.

The Solution

The solution may not be for everyone and won’t apply to the junk 8227L headunits that are surprisingly popular so this could be another reason to upgrade to a current processor based android headunit.

Root access required, not all android headunits are rooted, the easiest way to see if the app works is to just try it. There is no definitive list of android headunits that are factory rooted.

Not suitable for all, but the app will cover most, if not all MTC based RK3188 / PX3 / PX5 / PX6 headunits. Not sure if you have one of these, no problem. Just download the app and try it. If it works and can control the boot up volume, then great, you have found the solution. If the app can’t control your android headunit volume at start then it is not compatible. You probably don’t have the correct hardware in the android headunit that the app can hook into. Noting lost, just nothing gained.

Hopefully the solution will work for you and your ears are protected from excess volume during the first boot up and you are not left scrabbling for the volume control each time.

The app is called [RockChip] MyMTCService (RK3188 / PX3 / PX5 / PX6) and is available on the playstore making it an easy install, no need to sideload this one.

Deep in the settings

The volume at boot setting is buried quite deeply in the settings of the app, currently at version 3.1.5.

To reach the setting for volume at boot:
1. Install the app
2. Allow the permissions
3. Tap Service settings
4. Scroll Down to ‘Volume control’
5. Slide the option ‘Set volume at boot’ to ‘ON’
6. Select a value in ‘Volume (1~30) – the default is 10
7. Tap the back button
8. Set Activate service to ‘ON’
9. Test the function


The developer is Honey Father and would like to have your positive reviews on the playstore listing. Incompatible headunit, although frustrating, is not a fault of the app.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
An android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in car entertainment installation and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to try a different car launcher :)

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