Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo

A single DIN with a 7″ touch screen sounds impossible, but it is available. We will look at the features of the Pyle PLTS78DUB Single DIN touchscreen car stereo.

Single DIN

A single DIN car stereo is a standard size and the slim rectangle we all know as the shape of a car radio. Many aftermarket car stereo upgrades are in the Single DIN format but not with the touch screen. But some exceptions can fit the large screen into the small single din space.

Touch Screen

The touch screen is a multi-color LCD that displays video content at 800 x 480. The screen is on a motorized sled that is driven out of the internal storage area within the single DIN space into a vertical position for viewing. When the unit is powered off, the motorized sled brings the touch screen from a vertical position to a horizontal position and stows itself away inside the car stereo. All is tidy.

Car Stereo

The Pyle Single DIN touchscreen car stereo is a car stereo at heart. It has the usual car stereo features with front and rear speaker support, fade, and balance. FM and AM radio, along with CD/DVD input to show on the 7″ touch screen. The extras like Bluetooth calls are included as standard.

Backup Camera

A neat feature on that big screen is a backup camera to help make reversing safer for all involved. By providing a better view of what is behind the car, it can also prevent scuffs and bumps in the paint job.


ISO connector block for power and speakers.

Aux input on the front and rear panel RCA output connectors are fitted.

A single USB port is easily accessible to the front of the stereo; for example, it can be used with a thumb drive of MP3 tracks.


There is a removable faceplate to enhance the security of the stereo.

To use the security feature effectively:

  • Power off the car radio
  • Allow the screen to retract
  • Then remove the faceplate
  • Keep the faceplate with you, not in the car.


A CD / DVD Drive is included in the single DIN package to expand the sources available to you further.


The sound from the Pyle is acceptable. The benefit of this unit is the big screen and many inputs. If you are upgrading an older factory system, the sounds from this can be heard as an improvement.


This device is not Android or an Android headunit and won’t run Android apps. But it does offer a 7″ touch screen in a single DIN car stereo.

It has an RGB option to match the button colors of the car’s interior lighting.

It has many inputs, notably the CD/DVD drive and a front USB port.

The screen is not adjustable, so it won’t obscure anything significant when the display is fully deployed.

The backup camera is a nice extra that can save you money. It helps you avoid those low posts that jump up behind you just as you reverse.

The reliability of the sled system employed on the Pyle that brings out the display and sets it to the vertical position has always been questioned. The exposed position of the screen can mean knocks to it will affect the mechanical part, which will then refuse to eject or fold back home.


We give this stereo 4 out of 5 stars.

It isn’t Android; no Android apps and no Play Store. But it will give you a 7″ touchscreen stereo in a single DIN package. The backup camera is a nice feature, and we are unsure how robust the motorized sled system is in the long term.

Buy the Pyle Touchscreen Single DIN on Amazon

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A single DIN with a 7" touch screen sounds impossible, but it is available. We will look at the features of the Pyle PLTS78DUB Single DIN touchscreen car stereo. Single DIN A single DIN car stereo is a standard size and the slim rectangle we all...Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo