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Customers come to us for android headunit advice and this customer was no different. They had done their homework regarding the minimum RAM requirement of 4Gb and the need for a ‘fast processor’, all good so far. No one wants a slow android headunit! But the most noted feature request was a portrait mode, 12″ screen. These are often called ‘tesla’ screens because the portrait orientation of a screen is synonymous with the ones fitted in Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicles. They do look impressive and much closer resemble a phone in your hand, just much larger. For our customer there was no CAN BUS adaptor required making a universal android headunit the perfect choice.

Portrait or Landscape

This 12.8″ Portrait mode android headunit (also rotatable to landscape) – with its universal fitting double DIN body – was our suggested product. There is a high degree of flexibility when positioning its IPS screen, making this ideal for a custom build. The requested 4Gb RAM is present, 64Gb ROM installed and the very respected PX6 processor allowing for a ultra quick operation. Coupled with universal ISO leads for connection made this a ideal solution. It can accept all the usual android headunit goodies from DAB+ to TPMS, OBD to HDMI output, so there is no problem expanding and adding features to improve the headunit experience.


The ISO connectors are important for a universal fit because this can save a lot of time and potential to make wiring mistakes when installing. The ISO connectors are a standard that are easily adapted to manufacturer specific plugs and sockets with the correct adaptor. No need to cut and join the speaker wires.


A very important feature, Fastboot. The fastboot feature makes the load up time very quick. The universal tesla can be booted up and ready in a matter of seconds. This is what you need if you are using your android headunit for music or satnav.


Having a DSP included helps the sound adjustment to get the levels just how you like them. This is important for a universal headunit because it could be installed in a variety of different vehicles. The DSP helps fine tune the sounds to the interior. Headunits without a DSP do not have such a high degree of sound levels adjustment.

Double DIN

The double DIN body can help give a secure fit with there is a double DIN space in the vehicle.

12.8″ Screen

The large format screen has a high degree of adjustment allowing it to be positioned in the optimal angle. Not only can you can tilt the screen left/right and forward/back, you have the option to raise or lower the screen relative to the double DIN. This high degree of adjustment is ideal for a universal fitting android headunit and will help fitting in some of the more difficult vehicles.

Quick Review summary of 12.8 inch Screen Android Headunit


High quality display
Bluetooth 5
Double DIN body
PX6 Processor
Portrait or Landscape
DSP included
Has FastBoot feature
A lot of screen for the money
good screen angle adjustment options


it is a universal fit and may need additional adaptors to fit some vehicles


Speed 4/5
Value for money 4/5
Ease of use 5/5
Ease of install 3/5

Get the 12.8″ android headunit here

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