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Why Is My Phone Soo Slow?
Why Is My Phone Soo Slow?

With these simple tips.

Slow time

If your android has got slower over time it may need some software maintenance to get it back to its former snappy speeds. You don’t need to install new apps to make these speed improvements as we will show you the screens you need to get to for these tips.

Too Many Apps

The top speed problem has to be ‘too many apps’. Every app adds a load and files. Some more than others. There are some big offenders, but we won’t name the names here. Just go through your app list and think when was the last time you actually used that app?

Do you have duplicated apps, two different apps that do the same job?

How many MP3 players do you really need?

More than one mapping app, waze AND google maps?

Multiple launchers left over from the trial and error auditioning phase?

Be ruthless, pick your favourite apps and delete (uninstall) the remainders. This will give space back and quite often frees-up some RAM. It may even allow the head unit to boot a bit quicker. Taking out all the unused apps in one go can make a noticeable step in speed increase. If you only remove them one at a time, over a period of time, the change is less noticeable.


Swipe to access the apps list and hold your finger on the first app to be removed, a bubble appears, select Uninstall

Speed Up Android Headunit

Some apps won’t have that option. So tap the i or info in the bubble and you are taken to another screen. From this new screen you can:

  • Disable
  • Force Stop
  • Storage & cache, CLEAR STORAGE, CLEAR CACHE

Do each of these steps to make the best attempt to stop and clear the storage of these ‘baked in’ and unwanted apps.

Slow from day 1

If your android head unit has always been slow, from the day you purchased it then the tips above may only give you limited results. It won’t do any harm to remove unwanted or unused apps and it is a very good bit of housekeeping to do. But if the headunit has always been slow and didn’t just get slow over time, it may just be slow. Built to be slow, with a slow processor and not much RAM for android to use is very common with the cheap, bargain basement headunits. See our post on ‘Can I add more RAM to my Android Headunit‘ to see the reasoning why RAM is so important to consider before purchase.

Too many files

Use a file manager if you have one already installed to manage your files. There are several areas of storage on the android headunit. Filling up the wrong one with music files can have a big impact on the storage available to android and it will slow down. If you have saved files on the internal memory (that could be called drive ‘0’) then move them to a USB thumb drive or SD card. A good quality USB memory stick is not expensive for even large capacities. A well know branded and official (not fake) USB or microSD card will hold all your files from the memory and even expand the storage available and keep the reliability.

Be sure to only move the files you put on the head unit, do go moving system file to make space as this won’t help the speed and may even crash the android. Move only the MP3, apk or image files you saved on there while you were trying new things.

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