T-Mobile APN settings

So you have yourself an android headunit. Maybe you chose one of the more featured headunits that includes a SIM car adaptor for the easy way to add dedicated data. Or you wanted to free your phone and its host spot from serving the head unit and chosen a MiFi or USB dongle.

These are great choices to provide data to the android headunit as it means you don’t need to set up a hot spot on your phone each time yo need to access the internet.

T-Mobile SIM

T Mobile SIM cards offer good data packages but can be difficult to set-up if they don’t work straight out of the box.


One of the common and crucial missing settings for T-Mobile is the APN. The three letters APN are short for Access Point Name. The APN is used by the SIM card to make a connection to the ISP (this being t-mobile). Without the correct APN setting there will be no internet available to the head unit. Checking the APN setting is correct when working with a T-Mobile SIM is a good start if there is a signal but no internet.

The T-Moble APN setting


(for LTE devices)

but if that doesn’t work, try


(for non-LTE devices) 

Other Settings for T-Mobile

The rest of the settings need to be blank, rather unexpected, blank passwords are unusual, but because your T-Mobile SIM is unique to you there is no need for extra passwords. This makes it easier for us and makes the APN setting the key to unlocking the internet connection from a SIM card.

  • Proxy: <Not set>
  • Port: <Not set>
  • Username: <Not set>
  • Password: <Not set>
  • Server: <Not set>
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260
  • Authentication Type: <Not set>

With the APN setting correctly entered for your T-Mobile SIM, the data should start flowing.

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