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Best Android Headunit for a Sprinter?

The popular Mercedes Sprinter van has a factory installed radio and if this no longer functions it can be uneconomical to repair. Or it could just outdated and something better with GPS SAT NAV or DAB+ Radio is required. The android Headunit reviewed here covers the Mercedes Sprinters from 2006, Vito van, Viano, A-class/W169 and B-class/W245. It is an ideal replacement for those models with factory units installed. You will want to keep the steering wheel controls and even add a reversing camera and DAB radio option. These are all available to android headunits and getting the right one for the Sprinter is important for the factory features to continue to function.

Best Android headunit for a LHD MK7 Golf?

The Golf 7 (2012–2020) android headunit upgrade comes fitted with a plastic surround. This is to fully integrate the headunit into the dashboard for the best looking install, but be sure to choose the right color to match your interior.

Universal Pumpkin has an upgrade

The improvements seem to be minor, but they are there. The RAM has stayed at a very respectable 4G but the ROM has increased to 64Gb. This doubling of ROM doesn't really do very much and the big number is more of a headline than a useful feature.

Joying 10.25″ wide Android Headunit

The striking visible feature of this Joying android headunit is it's very wide 10.25" screen. Having a resolution of 1280*480 giving it a novel 8:3 aspect ratio. An advantage of this format in a universal fit is it can integrate with many modern interiors where anything more rectangular can obscure the various controls and vents.

Something a little different?

the minimum RAM requirement of 4Gb and the need for a 'fast processor', all good so far, no one wants a slow android headunit! But the most noted feature request was a portrait mode, 12" screen.

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