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ROM in the Android Headunit

How much ROM do you need? Without the camera feature, there will be no photos to store on an android headunit. Also the USB option for expanding the storage means that having less ROM than the latest models of android headunit won't have an big impact on the storage capacity. Limiting your ROM usage to apps, a 16Gb ROM model will suffice.

Joying 10.25″ wide Android Headunit

The striking visible feature of this Joying android headunit is it's very wide 10.25" screen. Having a resolution of 1280*480 giving it a novel 8:3 aspect ratio. An advantage of this format in a universal fit is it can integrate with many modern interiors where anything more rectangular can obscure the various controls and vents.

How many apps is too many?

The play store from google has over 3.48 million apps available to download, some paid, other free, not all suitable or compatible with your android headunit. You don't want hundreds of apps but you do need some... How many is too many?

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