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The AC8259 Processor

The MTK AC8259 processor is an overclocked version of the AC8257 chip. A minor change deserves a slightly different chip name. OCTA CORE 2MTK Cortex A75 (2.0 GHz) + 6MTK Cortex A55 (1.8GHz)

The AC8257 Processor

The AC8257 with a system RAM of 4Gb is a very good staring point for running an android headunit. It should be in your list of possibles, particularly if you don't need the very fastest processor, but want to keep with the modern specifications and keep a lid on the budget.

AC8257 vs PX5

So in this challenge, 9000 benchmark of the AC8257 beats the 4000 benchmark of the PX5. From this you can see a useful jump in benchmark numbers that the AC8257 has over the PX5 chip. This jump in processor performance is noticeable in every day use when booting up from cold, or loading more intensive apps

AC8257 Vs PX6

The PX6 scores around 11500 which is a significant jump over the AC8257 score of 9000. But a score of 9000 is still very respectable compared to the processors that came before it.

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