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Why is Android 8.1 Go so popular on the Android Headunits?

Android 8.1 Go is a 'Go' edition of Android based on the Android Oreo (Android 8.1). The Go editions of Android are stripped of the more memory-intensive and processor-intensive features.

Be wary of faked Android headunits

Faked and incorrectly described headunits are common in an ever increasingly crowded market. The 8227L are often faked and this one has only 1 GB RAM, but sold as 2GB.

The 8227L_Demo Android Headunit…

8227L has no sound controls. There is no fader, no volume - I can't adjust the volume Is was sold as android 9 but it is actually 8.1Go Currently android 6, how do I upgrade 8227L to android 9 I bought it second and want to flash the 8227L to android 10 8227L has only 1GB RAM when the seller said it has 2Gb, does it matter? Why is it android 6 when it should be android 8.1Go? Can I update the firmware on the 8227L It is slow or won't load the playstore or some apps won't install How do I root my 8227L_Demo?

Pumpkin Android 8, 8.1, and 9 head unit passwords

the pumpkin android 8 and 8.1 and android 9 passwords for boot logo, developer options and factory restore here. This older Pumpkin Auto android password list can save time if you have a compatible pumpkin headunit (android 8, 8.1 or 9).

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