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Apple Car Play Car Stereo Double DIN

(Decent quality and not Chinese-made) Plenty of budget end-of-market double DIN Apple Car Play stereos exist. But if you want some decent quality build, look...

Motorola MA1

The MA1 is a Wireless android-Auto Car Adaptor. It is designed to make it easy and wirelessly connect an in-car headunit to your android phone.

Android Auto, why?

The big G wanted to get their apps and their playstore apps used on these incompatible screens in all these new cars. The solution was to mirror the android phone screen onto the infotainment unit in the car. This brings google maps and their car apps to the in car display. android Auto was installed on the phone and mirrored to the car screen. The android Auto was a uncluttered and driver friendly car launcher. Ideal for driving but it had to run on the phone and mirrored to the in car infotainment.

What is an Android Head unit?

We are often asked 'What is an android Headunit?' and it is not surprising that people are often confused due to the different systems available

Android Auto Vs Android Headunit

The android headunit steps into the ring with its very own android operating system, a complete computer. Processor, RAM and ROM, it can download apps from the play store to run natively in its own system. The phone isn't even required because the android headunit is doing everything for itself.

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