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Android Auto Vs Android Headunit

The Android headunit steps into the ring with its very own android operating system, a complete computer. Processor, RAM and ROM, it can download apps from the play store to run natively in its own system. The phone isn't even required because the android headunit is doing everything for itself.

Apple radio for your car

Apple car radio? It sounds like a natural thing to have for those that either choose to use an iPhone or are given one by their employer to use. How about an Apple head unit?

Motorola MA1

The MA1 is a Wireless Android-Auto Car Adaptor. It is designed to make it easy and wirelessly connect an in-car headunit to your android phone.

The Double DIN with Android Auto

Double DIN android head unit is a classic size. Android Auto is a system to allow an android phone to 'stream' is screen onto an in car display, typically an android headunit, sometimes a double DIN.

The easy way to Carplay & Android Auto

A lot can be said for keeping the OEM car stereo or even the aftermarket Kenwood/Pioneer/Alpine quality head units. These are well made with quality components. But they sound great but may be lacking modern features such as CarPlay or Android Auto.

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