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What is an Android Auto head unit

An android auto head unit is a car stereo that has a display screen capable of mirroring the display on a mobile phone. The android auto head unit is much like any other car stereo but with the added benefit of the close integration with a mobile phone.

*Android* MP5 Player

While the tag 'MP5 Player' in the listing doesn't automatically raise a red flag, it will need further investigation to see what is actually being sold. You may be surprised or quite probably, disappointed that your bargain purchase is not going to be what you thought it was.

What is an Android Headunit?

The android headunit can run apps. it doesn't need a phone for the apps. There is no mirroring of the phone screen, there is no need to even bring your phone with you. But things are better when you share your phone data with the android headunit, but it is not necessary.

Android Auto Vs Android Headunit

The Android headunit steps into the ring with its very own android operating system, a complete computer. Processor, RAM and ROM, it can download apps from the play store to run natively in its own system. The phone isn't even required because the android headunit is doing everything for itself.

Android Auto, why?

The big G wanted to get their apps and their playstore apps used on these incompatible screens in all these new cars. The solution was to mirror the android phone screen onto the infotainment unit in the car. This brings google maps and their car apps to the in car display. Android Auto was installed on the phone and mirrored to the car screen. The Android Auto was a uncluttered and driver friendly car launcher. Ideal for driving but it had to run on the phone and mirrored to the in car infotainment.

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