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Android Headunit boot into recovery mode (root)

This post is to help you boot into the android head unit into the android Recovery partition when you have a working android operating system and you are rooted. It is important to note that this procedure to boot into recovery mode relies on a working android and a rooted system. Luckily most android headunits are rooted, so this is well worth a try to get into recovery mode.

Android Recovery reset for Head Unit with no buttons.

If you have a non booting android headunit and you want to access recovery menu it can seem like an impossible task. The guides tell you to press volume buttons or tap the the power button, but what if there are no buttons?

Can’t load Android system

Can't load android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.

Android Headunit Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is available to all android devices in the form of android Recovery. It is a very small program in its own separate partition. This partition is protected from the usual installing, uninstalling, apps and android programs. It is there are a fall back position, a last chance saloon. If android fails to boot and you don't have a recovery mode, then you are stuck with a blank screen and command prompt at best. At worst, just a blank screen. What android Recovery provides is the fall back to something useful. A menu with diagnostic options and information about the device it is running on.

Navigating the Android Recovery menus with no Buttons

Navigation through the android Recovery menu on your android Head unit with no buttons relies on the RST button. This truly universal button now takes on the job of navigation, but how to get around the menu?

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