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Universal reversing cameras for Android headunits

Backup cameras or reversing cameras are a very useful standard feature of an android headunit. They can be factory fitted cameras, custom fit cameras or universal aftermarket cameras that could be fitted tour your vehicle for use with an android headunit.

Replacement cables sets for Android Head units

Cable installs can be left behind during an upgrade of a head unit or are removed and become separated. Maybe the cable looms are beyond repair or a new set is required for a new install. Whatever the reason, new android headunit cable sets are able to be sourced.

Connecting a reversing camera to an Android Headunit

Backup camera wiring uses the PINK 'REV' wire on the universal fitting android headunits. There are two very similar but slightly different wiring schemes for the reversing camera and the REV Wire on an android headunit. The first system (A) picks up the power for both the signal and the camera at the point of the reversing light cluster or very close to the lamp in the rear cluster loom. The second system (B) is used when it is more convenient to pick up the reversing signal near the front of the car, like the cabin fuse box.

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