Driver door open, the screen shows it as the passenger door!

Wrong door open displayed on the screen fix. The door open signal is carried on the CAN BUS and the clever android headunits can pick up on that call to display a message and show some pretty graphics to depict a 'door open' on a car picture. All very useful for the driver should you need to know if the doors are open or closed. But what happens when the 'drivers door is open, BUT the screen shows it as the passenger door!'or you may even find it transposed the other way and get 'Passenger door open, the screen shows it as the drivers door!'? Not at all good to show to your friends.

What is the CAN BUS BOX with an Android Head Unit?

CAN BUS BOX is a communications device box that interfaces with the CAN BUS in your vehicle. This is used by the android head unit to get information that is travelling on that BUS. This information can be anything from the vehicle speed, the battery voltage to the settings on the climate control panel. All of these and many more are available on the vehicle CAN BUS.

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