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CarWebGuru Launcher for Android

A popular modification is to add the vehicle manufacturer, model and logo to the home screen and these are available in CarWebGuru Launcher to add to the screen, but you don't have to stop there.

Using CarWebGuru to add a vehicle logo to an Android Headunit

You want to have a vehicle logo on your android headunit screen? We have instructions to put the logo on the android screen here. These are the instructions on how to add a manufacturer logo to an android headunit using a car launcher. There are several car launchers available on the play store and some of them can be used to put car logo on the screen. For this demo we will be using CarWebGuru Launcher from the playstore.

Adding a car logo to the Android headunit screen

CarWebGuru app has many features and is available for free from the play store. There are many add-on, both free and paid options to choose from. This guide will only rely on the free option,

Custom car logo for Android headunit

To add a custom car logo on your android headunit follow these instructions: Follow the previous guide to the point you choose a logo Select 'Custom' and a message will tell you where to upload your custom logo to.

Android Head Unit Launcher

The android Headunit Launcher is a Launcher that has been designed for use on an android headunit, in a vehicle. There are large number of android launchers designed for use in a headunit configuration. Tailored to the driving experience to aid the driver, buttons tend to be bigger and vehicle logos feature heavily. Common android head unit launchers are Car Launcher Pro (and Free), AGAMA Launcher and CarWebGuru.

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