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Car Head Units

Factory fitted car head units come in all sorts of quality, shapes and sizes. Some even came out of the factory missing any kind of car radio or sound playing system.

Should I get a universal double din or a custom fit android headunit?

Older vehicles often have a single or double din mounting and the Pumpkin of choice is often fitted to these vehicles as the best choice for a universal android headunit

Best Android Headunit for a Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus MK2 has a centre console that includes the manual air con controls. The advantage of a centre console is that the custom fit android headunit is suitable for left hand drive and right hand drive alike. Android is a great choice for a replacement stereo for the Ford if you want tablet features linked to a stereo/FM/DAB radio.

Driver door open, the screen shows it as the passenger door!

Wrong door open displayed on the screen fix. The door open signal is carried on the CAN BUS and the clever android headunits can pick up on that call to display a message and show some pretty graphics to depict a 'door open' on a car picture. All very useful for the driver should you need to know if the doors are open or closed. But what happens when the 'drivers door is open, BUT the screen shows it as the passenger door!'or you may even find it transposed the other way and get 'Passenger door open, the screen shows it as the drivers door!'? Not at all good to show to your friends.

Best Android headunit for a LHD MK7 Golf?

The Golf 7 (2012–2020) android headunit upgrade comes fitted with a plastic surround. This is to fully integrate the headunit into the dashboard for the best looking install, but be sure to choose the right colour to match your interior.

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