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DAB adaptor not working in USA or Canada

Digital Radio in the form of Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB+) is free to use and takes no data from your cellular plan. The radio is sent over the air, just like FM and AM radio are, but in a digital format.

Apple Car Play Car Stereo Double DIN

(Decent quality and not Chinese-made) Plenty of budget end-of-market double DIN Apple Car Play stereos exist. But if you want a decent-quality build, look further...

DAB Radio add-on for Android Headunits

DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting is available to the android Headunits as an addon USB device. The DAB+ USB connects to a free USB port

Choosing the right DAB+ aerial

The quality of the received DAB+ signal can be greatly increased by fitting a better quality aerial and where possible, site it on the roof. Roof mounting an upgraded aerial is easier when an existing FM aerial is present as this becomes an easier swap.

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