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Offline GPS, can it work?

You don't have your phone with you, maybe it's in for a broken screen repair and you need to Sat-Nav somewhere important. Will the GPS work offline?

Car Radio with GPS?

GPS and Sat-Nav has become a very important feature for a new car. But these necessities can also be retro fitted to virtually any vehicle. If it is time to replace your existing car radio to one with GPS Sat-Nav then an android headunit can do this (and so much more).

GPS SatNav on an Android Headunit

GPS suddenly becomes a lot more useful than just a location with the addition of Sat Nav. Satellite Navigation software can use the GPS position, a software map and some clever algorithms to plan a route. Add a data connection in the form of a SIM card, USB 4G Dongle or even a Bluetooth connection to your phone. This can capture traffic information and then you get a fully featured Sat Nav in your android headunit.

Intermittent poor GPS on Android Head Unit

The key to this GPS problem of poor satellite tracking is and therefore an inaccurate or non-existent map position is the intermittent part. For GPS install that have never worked, this guide may be helpful to follow but it is aimed at the intermittent GPS fault.

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