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Double DIN Tesla style Android Headunit

The Double DIN body mounts into the dashboard, but the vertical, portrait screen gives that Tesla feel. Tesla style The portrait-style Android screen has become synonymous...

Graphic Equaliser when playing videos on an Android Headunit?

Sometimes the movies need a bit of sound equalisation. Maybe some more bass or maybe even a bit less. If you don't have a DSP fitted, then you may not have a facility to use a pre-installed graphic equilizer. Or it could be your current EQ App won't be active during video play back, a strange behaviour, but common in some EQ apps.

What is a DSP in an android Headunit?

There is a lot of jargon written in the advertising and sales listings for android Headunits. A very common term mentioned is 'DSP'. But what is DSP and more importantly is having one better than not having one

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