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What is a DSP in an Android Headunit?

There is a lot of jargon written in the advertising and sales listings for Android Headunits. A very common term mentioned is 'DSP'. But what is DSP and more importantly is having one better than not having one

Graphic Equaliser when playing videos on an Android Headunit?

Sometimes the movies need a bit of sound equalisation. Maybe some more bass or maybe even a bit less. If you don't have a DSP fitted, then you may not have a facility to use a pre-installed graphic equilizer. Or it could be your current EQ App won't be active during video play back, a strange behaviour, but common in some EQ apps.

Double DIN Tesla style android headunit

The double din body mounts into the dashboard but the vertical, portrait screen to give that tesla feel. Tesla style The portrait style android screen has...

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