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Re-purposed android phone launcher for an android headunit that keeps the style of a phone. With specialised launchers for driving, like AGAMA making the in car android experience more unique, using Nova on the headunit keeps things familiar.

Android Head Unit Launcher

The android Headunit Launcher is a Launcher that has been designed for use on an android headunit, in a vehicle. There are large number of android launchers designed for use in a headunit configuration. Tailored to the driving experience to aid the driver, buttons tend to be bigger and vehicle logos feature heavily. Common android head unit launchers are Car Launcher Pro (and Free), AGAMA Launcher and CarWebGuru.

Android 10 head unit launcher apps

The launcher app is the home screen, the desktop with the icons. The screen you see when the headunit has booted up. It the main interface that the driver has to use to operate the head unit.

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