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Black Friday Deal on Android Head Unit?

The Black Friday deals on electronics can bring some big discounts and this includes the android headunits. You can find the 7" Double Din...

The most liked 7″ universal Android headunit?

In this article we will look at one of the most well liked universal fit, double din android headunits available. A universal fit is just that, not specific for a particular vehicle and ideally suited to older cars and vans that have a double din mounting. It is supplied with the common generic ISO connectors, ideal for connecting adaptors for vehicle specific applications available to make the install much more plug and play.

MT8768 Processor

8768 or MTK8768 is an MCU processing unit for running Android made my MediaTek, a Taiwan based fabless chip company. A big player in processors for android based devices.

Joying 10.25″ wide Android Headunit

The striking visible feature of this Joying android headunit is it's very wide 10.25" screen. Having a resolution of 1280*480 giving it a novel 8:3 aspect ratio. An advantage of this format in a universal fit is it can integrate with many modern interiors where anything more rectangular can obscure the various controls and vents.

UNISOC SC9863 Android Headunit Processor

The SC9863 is yet another middle of the road phone processor that has made it's way into the android head units. These mid range phone chips are used in the higher end android headunits.

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