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Universal Pumpkin has an upgrade

The improvements seem to be minor, but they are there. The RAM has stayed at a very respectable 4G but the ROM has increased to 64Gb. This doubling of ROM doesn't really do very much and the big number is more of a headline than a useful feature.

PX5 Processor

The PX5 processor is notable for is design purpose. The PX5 was destined for the android headunits. Unlike the many processors used previously to power the head units that were designed for phones, this one is special. By only building in features that an android headunit would benefit from and excluding all the phone specific features savings can be made.

Best Android Headunit for a Sprinter (with CD/DVD and volume control knob).

The popular Mercedes Sprinter van has a factory installed radio and this can become broken and uneconomical to repair or just outdated. The android Headunit reviewed here covers MB Sprinters from 2006 and is an ideal replacement for those factory units. You want to keep the steering wheel controls and even add a reversing camera and DAB radio option. These are all available to android headunits and getting the right one for the Sprinter is important for the factory features to continue to function.

Best for a VW Transporter T5 1998-2009 (with a CD)?

You need a fast and capable android headunit that can run google maps, maybe you want to use sygic instead? A clear 7" screen, it has to play CDs and use DAB+ radio. Our recommendation for the T5 covers all those bases and more! It can do all of the usual android headunit features like a VW logo on the screen, streaming music or just FM radio. Wifi and GPS are both standard features on an android headunit and google maps is free. Hands free calling is included with his one (with external microphone option)

Android Recovery reset for Head Unit with no buttons.

If you have a non booting android headunit and you want to access recovery menu it can seem like an impossible task. The guides tell you to press volume buttons or tap the the power button, but what if there are no buttons?

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