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UIS8141 Processor

The UIS 8141 is a quad core processing chip based on the ARM technologies Cortex A7 cores. This design of core was first used in the technology of 2011 devices. When these cores are combined with a graphics core you get a SoC - system on a chip. The UIS8141 is a SoC.

Tesla style single DIN Android Headunit

The tall 'portrait' style is synonymous with the screens found in the tesla models of vehicles. It is also a very familiar way of viewing a screen because it mimics holding a phone in your hand. This is unusual for android headunits that generally mimic a laptop screen in the landscape orientation. This gives the tesla screens a look that is a little bit different, a little bit eye catching.

The Cheapest 10″ Android Headunit?

Too good to be true? Everything listed is true. Yes, it can do all the things listed above and more. Everyone is being honest. Even down to the explanation that it 1Gb RAM is actually on .75Gb of RAM and that is has a Quad Core processor.

The 8227L_Demo Android Headunit…

8227L has no sound controls. There is no fader, no volume - I can't adjust the volume Is was sold as android 9 but it is actually 8.1Go Currently Android 6, how do I upgrade 8227L to Android 9 I bought it second and want to flash the 8227L to Android 10 8227L has only 1GB RAM when the seller said it has 2Gb, does it matter? Why is it Android 6 when it should be Android 8.1Go? Can I update the firmware on the 8227L It is slow or won't load the playstore or some apps won't install How do I root my 8227L_Demo?

MTK G50 Processor found in Android Headunits

The new name MTK G50 sounds like its a new processor. New processors are faster than the old generation of chips, just by the use of never fab technology and chip design. You could imagine that some would assume the MTK G50 is a new chip, with all that new chip goodness?

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