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Don’t like carlink app?

Zlink is an alternative app that can do the same functions of carlink but in a different interface. You can disable carlink app in the settings and use zlink instead.

Need the DAB+ app?

The DAB+ app is often factory installed to your android headunit but through some mistake it has been deleted or you initiated a factory rest, the DAB+ app in no longer present. Or maybe you tried the DAB-Z app and removed the DAB+ app. Now you want the DAB+ app back and its just not there.

How to sideload apps on an android Headunit?

android has a level of self protection from rogue apps and any app not installed via the play store is considered a potentially rogue app (by google). android OS won't allow the installation of apps from anywhere other than play, without a little bit of work by the user. This is when you need to sideload.

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