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Android Headunit says SIM Slot Empty.

what happens if the SIM card is not recognised by the android headunit. You may get a warning that the SIM Slot: SIM empty, or No SIM detected or something similar that indicates the SIM card is not working in the head unit.

Best SIM card for an Android Headunit?

The SIM card is the key to the cellular network. Without a SIM card your android headunit will not be able to connect to mobile data over the cellular network. If you hotspot your phone, this will have a SIM card. If you have an android headunit with SIM adaptor, you will need a SIM card for it. Maybe you have a mifi type device, you guessed it, that will need a SIM card too. But which is the best SIM card for your android Headunit?

Replacement cables sets for Android Head units

Cable installs can be left behind during an upgrade of a head unit or are removed and become separated. Maybe the cable looms are beyond repair or a new set is required for a new install. Whatever the reason, new android headunit cable sets are able to be sourced.

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