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Single DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo

A single DIN with a 7" touch screen sounds impossible, but it is available. We are going to look at the features of the Pyle PLTS78DUB Single DIN touch screen car stereo.

Single DIN car stereo with big screen

Single DIN car stereo with big screen that isn't android and is at the very budget end of the price spectrum, That would be this 5" Screen single DIN car stereo

Single DIN with a 10″ Display

This Single DIN has a large 10" display in it's 11.7" screen that can easily be orientated to landscape or portrait mode. This gives a you a choice, but the main reason for this screen configuration is its portrait mode. Portrait gives it a tesla look and feel without the addition costs associated with a custom fit tesla style android headunits.

The P5130 Autoradio

The P5130 autoradio is a generic design. You can find the same stereo with so many different brand names. Propositions from Ctzrzyt, BOOMBOOST, LUOAN AUTO PARTS, CUHAWUDBA, TOTMOX, Hikity, podofo and even GOFORJUMP all offer the P5130 autostereo

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