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Fastest Android Headunit Processor: UIS7862

The unimaginatively named UIS7862 is the latest and greatest processor used in a large majority of the fastest Android headunits. Having 8 high speed cores and access to an impressive 6Gb of RAM will keep the headunits operating smoothly with anything you can throw at it.

PX30 Android Headunit Processor

The PX30 is based on the RK3326 processor an made for low power, smart AI, VoIP and IoT devices. Nothing special, just a workhorse that would sit in a black box doing it work. Some how it made its way into an android headunit and has been powering them along

The 8227L_Demo Android Headunit…

8227L has no sound controls. There is no fader, no volume - I can't adjust the volume Is was sold as android 9 but it is actually 8.1Go Currently android 6, how do I upgrade 8227L to android 9 I bought it second and want to flash the 8227L to android 10 8227L has only 1GB RAM when the seller said it has 2Gb, does it matter? Why is it android 6 when it should be android 8.1Go? Can I update the firmware on the 8227L It is slow or won't load the playstore or some apps won't install How do I root my 8227L_Demo?

PX6 processor (RK3399)

When searching for an android Headunit for your vehicle, you often come across cryptic definitions and 'PX6 is just one of those. RK3399 is listed as 'Processor' and you will often see 'PX6' in the same description, but what is the difference and why to the show both. Is one part of the other or is one an upgrade?

The AC8257 Processor

The AC8257 with a system RAM of 4Gb is a very good staring point for running an android headunit. It should be in your list of possibles, particularly if you don't need the very fastest processor, but want to keep with the modern specifications and keep a lid on the budget.

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