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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for Android Headunits

The easiest upgrade path to adding a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to your android headunit is to use the USB based transmitter and the 4 (or more) dust cap style transmitters. This system is universal amongst android Headunits and removes the need to have tyres removed and sensors fitted. An APP on the headunit constantly monitors the tyre pressures. A USB adaptor communicated with the dust cap style pressure sensors. The APP will display a warning over the screen if the monitored pressures deviate from pre-set pressures

How to get music files on my Android Headunit?

You have a bunch of .MP3 files from years of ripping your CDs or youtube downloading songs or maybe you even purchased the MP3 version of songs from Amazon. Now you have loads of songs on your laptop and want to play them on your android headunit.

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