The 8227L_Demo Android Headunit…

We hear a lot of questions from people that come to us with their 8227L_Demo android headunit, usually because it doesn’t do what it should….

This is a selection of the comments that are either 8227L ALPS or turn out to be 8227L ALPS demo based Android Headunits.


Some background of the 8227L_Demo

The 8227L_Demo is based on an MTK8227 chip from Mediatek back in 2013. This platform became very popular because, in its day, it had a game changing specification. It could run Android 6 well (when Android 6 Marshmallow was a new thing).

Having 1Gb or even a ground breaking 2Gb of RAM was impressive. The quad-core processor by Mediatek beat the previous generation of processors easily. The 8227L_Demo platform had the ability to be customised by manufacturers to display on different sized screens, integrate easily with different MCUs and was mass produced to bring the cost down. An ideal situation to use it, and still in use to this day.

Android Headunit Tip

The 8227L platform is used in thousands of very different android headunits, by different brands. Just because they may look the same outside, it doesn’t mean they are the same inside

The problems


8227L_Demo runs a quad-core processor and up to 2Gb of RAM. This is not enough RAM or enough cores for modern expectations of an android system.

It is like picking up a phone from the year 2014 and expecting it to behave like the phone in your pocket. It doesn’t and (more on that later) never will behave like a modern android headunit.

Deep within the listing

A quick give-away in the advertising or sales pitch for any android headunit based on 8227L_demo, even if the model number is hidden away is ‘Android 6’. It sticks out like a sore thumb. Customers can see an android 9 headunit next to an android 6 headunit and know the 9 is better, or at least newer.


How do you make the 8227L ALPS compare better against more modern hardware? The sneaky way to pass off the 8227L as a higher android version is to use Android 8.1go patched or Android 6 patched to make it look like a different version of android. Only the name of the package is changed, maybe some new graphic files, but the actual android code is the same old version.

Android 6 Marshmallow

The 8227L_ALPS and 8227L_DEMO units could be running android 6 masquerading as android 8.1go
With all the fakery and misleading advertising. The true version of android running on your new 8227L_Demo, despite the seller saying otherwise, is quite possibly based on Android 6 Marshmallow. 

8.1go is not 8.1

Android 8.1go is a cut down, limited version of android 8.1. It is aimed at the devices with weak processors and limited (less than 2Gb) RAM. Google had to cut out some basic features to make 8.1go work on this budget equipment. Therefore any android headunit with 8.1go won’t give you the full android experience because some of it is already missing. 8227L Demo is still the same old slow processor, just doing less work. Not really the solution, just a temporary fix to shift the leftover stock stacked in the warehouse.


8.1go passed off as Android 9

Android 8.1go became synonymous with slow processors and minimal RAM. This put people off from buying an android headunit with 8.1go when there were models available with android 9.

Android 9 8227L_Demo

Due to the flexibility of the android operating system and the ability to customise the OS, someone in the chain of sales modified the code inside some of the android headunits running 8227L to report itself as ‘Android 9’. This gives an advantage in the advertising, comparison charts and sales pitches which drives more sales. But it is still the 2015 quadcore processor and 1Gb or 2 Gb of RAM inside, performing poorly and nowhere near modern standards for an android headunit.

More RAM

Why pay for more RAM and increase the manufacturing cost and ultimately the retail cost when you can just change the settings to report 2Gb RAM, when in fact there is only 1Gb fitted? Seems like a simple solution to sell more of the old technology. The problem is that, although 1Gb of RAM will work, albeit very poorly, most people may not even realise they have been duped until it is too late. Maybe they paid more for a fake 8227L demo product or chose the fake over the genuine and now are suffering to use the slow and obsolete hardware.


More problems with 8227L

The 8227L_Demo based systems are sill being made and still being sold. The problem is the consumer buying obsolete equipment. If people didn’t buy them, they wouldn’t make any more!


“You wouldn’t accept a 2015 mobile phone for your next upgrade!”

People are always looking for a bargain and the manufacturers know this. Out comes the 8227L_ALPS_DEMO with it’s glossy pictures and powerful pitch and the sale is made. That is when the customers problems start. After a degree of disappointment or frustration the grey matter get tested and people suddenly remember that computer problems can be fix with an update!

There must be a solution!

8227L needs a firmware update!

Unfortunately the problem with 8227L is not all down to firmware, it runs either android 6 or 8.1go because that is all its slow processor can do well. The missing RAM can not be fixed with a firmware update, no software upgrade of the 8227L can install an extra 2 or 3Gb of RAM. If your android headunit is 8227L_Demo it is stuck in 2014. No flashing firmware will ever take the hardware from its 2015 quadcore 1Gb or 2Gb RAM roots it was born with.

Pointless exercise

Don’t go searching for a firmware fix for 8227L. The problems and time wasting you will face is due to the huge number of variations and configurations of the 8227L platform is pointless. While there is an army of fans that source, modify and produce firmware for the 8227L, a firmware working for one 8227L can ‘brick’ the other. The 8227L based models even can look identical on the outside, but subtle differences inside, like bluetooth board or wifi chip can vary and cause irreversible damage if the wrong firmware is flashed. Flashing won’t give you the headunit you thought your were getting, we told you were getting or even the one you paid for. You have been duped.


The fix is just a thought

You do know that if there was a quick fix, firmware flash, OS upgrade or tweak that would make the 8227L_demo better then the manufacturers, distributors or sellers would have already done this?


The solution to 8227L problems

The solution to the obsolete 8227L and its problems is to replace it. All of it, not just a part inside the android headunit, the whole thing. The cost of the modern hardware has dropped significantly and made the 8 core and 6 core, super quick processors with their 4Gb to 6Gb RAM very affordable in an android headunit. A Hexa-Core 4Gb android headunit will blow any 8227L out of the water and give a much longer life before an upgrade is required. There really is no need to buy any MTK 8227L based hardware in these modern times, but if you do, expect it to perform like a phone from 2015 or slower.


Find the 8227L on eBay

Android Headunit Tip

The 8227L based android headunits can connect to the universal addons available for all android headunit owners. This means you can add features to your 8227L and keep and use the same addons when you upgrade to a current processor based android headunit.

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  1. ???? I have this head unit ALPS_8227L Demo and I don’t know how to get into recovery mode.I only have reset button which doesn’t change anything…any ideas???thanks


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