The AC8257 Processor

The MTK AC8257 is a recent introduction to the Android headunits powerhouse to battle PX5 and PX6-based systems. This modern-style processor is a high-speed, low-power SoC ideally suited to running Android apps. See how the AC8257 compares with the PX5 and how the AC8257 compares with the PX6 in these posts.

MTK AC8257 – similar to the Unisoc Tiger T618 and MTK AC8259 is
OCTA CORE with Two MTK Cortex A75 (2.0 GHz) and Six MTK Cortex A55 (1.8GHz)


The AC8257 Processor found in Android Headunits can be coupled with 2 GB RAM or, more frequently, the better option of 4 GB RAM, 6 GB RAM, or 8 GB RAM. The full benefit of the improved speed of this processor can only be fully realized when it is not throttled due to a low system RAM configuration.

A35 – 64bit

The AC8257 processor chip is based on the ARM cortex A35 cores which have been extensively optimized to provide full Armv8-A features while maximizing area and power efficiency and making this a modern-style processor capable of 64-bit operation and more excellent running while operating at higher speeds than many of the previous generation of chips found in an Android headunit. The 64-bit memory addressing opens up the option for manufacturers to fit more RAM at the factory.


The AC8257 package includes an Imagination Technologies PowerVR GE8300 integrated graphics chip for providing the graphics acceleration for fluid image display. GE8300 belongs to the Series 8XE of GPUs for ARM SoCs.


The AC8257, with a system RAM of 4Gb, is a perfect starting point for running an Android headunit. It should be on your list of possibilities, particularly if you don’t need the fastest processor but want to keep up with the current specifications and keep a lid on the budget. Look for the other features included with the Android headunit that uses the AC8257 A35 SoC, like DSP, custom fit/universal double DIN, or very quick boot, to see if they are what you need for your ride.

There are much faster processors for your Android headunit than the AC8257. Even the AC8259 is faster and may have the option for more RAM fitted, giving rise to advanced Android headunit future-proofing.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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  1. hi, i have a headunit with this chip on it. but swc dont work in custom audio players like jetaudio. only original audio player respond to swc.
    please help me.
    i dont like original audio player of headunit.



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