The AC8259 Processor

The MTK AC8259 processor is an overclocked version of the AC8257 chip. A minor change deserves a slightly different chip name.

MTK AC8259 – similar to the Unisoc Tiger T618 and MTK AC8257 is
OCTA CORE 2 Cortex A75 (2.0 GHz) + 6 Cortex A55 (1.8GHz)

AC8259 reports 2.5Ghz clock

Typically configured with 4Gb RAM or more this middle of the road processor was designed for a low end phone and has now made its way into the android headunits in a 2.5Ghz overclocked guise.

AC8259 Processor Answers

Is the AC8259 Processor a good processor for an android head unit?

Yes. The AC8259 Processor is a modern processor. There are faster processors, but there are many more slower ones to avoid.

Is the AC8259 considered a fast processor?

Yes. The AC8259 Processor is considered to be a fast processor. Not the fastest, but is eclipses the speed of all the quadcore offerings.

Is the AC8259 a Quadcore processor ?

No. The AC8259 is an Octacore. It has 8 ARM Cores.

How much RAM will the AC8259 android headunit have?

The AC8259 will have no less than 4Gb RAM and can have 6Gb or even 8Gb fitted in the factory as an option.

Phone chip?

Yes, the MTK AC8259 has 8 cores but only 2 of those are high speed. The high speed cores draw the most power from the phone battery and heat up the handset. The other 6 cores are low power, low speed cores for times that the phone is not being worked hard, like playing games.

An android headunit has a high current and steady voltage supplied by the car 12v system. Low battery drain and low power is not an issue for an android headunit as it is for a phone.

Why use a phone chip for an android headunit? Because the phone chips are cheap in volume, much cheaper to use an already mass produced budget chip than design a new one from the ground up.

Mid Range

The MTK AC8259 is a middle of the road, budget orientated SoC for running android. Coupled with 4Gb, 6Gb or even 8Gb this is not a fast, flagship processor.

AC8257/Unisoc Tiger T618

If the AC8259 is something you like the sound of to power your next android headunit, also read our more in depth AC8257 review as they are very similar octacore chips.


As with any overclocked processor the cooling becomes much more of an issue. Where a stock clock can utilise passive cooling and overclocked may need active cooling. The active cooing fan can add more noise and another point of failure. These are important considerations when thinking about the AC8259 as a processor choice.


The improvements of the AC8259 are minor over the AC8257 and both of these chips perform averagely acceptable. They can no way be described as quick, but much better that the quad cores found in the bottom end and often fake android headunits.

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