The Android Car Stereo

Is an android car stereo a good idea?

The Android car stereo can replace or upgrade to a factory-installed car stereo.

Is a android car stereo the same as the android head unit?

Yes. The Android car stereo is the same as an Android head unit, and they both run the Android OS, meaning you don’t need to mirror your phone.

Do android car stereos sound high end?

No, the Android car stereo can be similar to stock or worse, but never described as having high-end sound.

Can an android car stereo do split screen?

Some Android car stereos can split screen, while others are not. Confirm the option with the vendor before purchase.

Do android car stereos have sat nav?

Yes. All Android car stereos have GPS and are suitable for Sat Nav use.

The Android-based car stereo is a relatively recent idea for in-car entertainment.

Bringing together the touch screen of a phone, the Android operating system, and a sound system suitable for a car brings us the Android car stereo. These devices are also called an Android Head Unit or called by the version of the Android they are running, for example, an Android 10 head unit.

The Android operating system was designed for phones but has found its way into televisions, tablets, game consoles, and car head units.

Screen size

The screen size of an Android Car Stereo is typically no smaller than the size of a double DIN stereo. While there is no limit to the maximum size other than the constraints of the vehicle, it has been fitted into.


An android car stereo will connect to the car speakers to deliver the sounds, but also it can connect to the car communication BUS. This gives a much greater integration into the car computer system where the Android car stereo can talk to the computer. This is useful for displaying car information on the Android screen or changing car settings, like the A/C from the Android car stereo screen.

Android Apps

The Android car stereo’s Android operating system is very similar to the one on your Android phone, and they use the same apps from the same play store, so your Android car stereo can use the same apps as your phone. A few extra apps are only suited to the Android car stereo, called car launchers. But from candy crush to Gmail, you can run these on your Android powered car head unit – the Android car stereo.

Extra features

The Android car stereo can be wired permanently to the vehicle, including an extra cool feature you don’t find in a phone or tablet. This is the ‘Back-up Camera’ or reversing camera. The Android car stereo screen displays a picture from a discretely positioned, tiny camera fitted to the car’s rear. With the extra communication or permanent wiring, selecting reverse gear will switch the Android screen to the backing-up camera display. This prominent safety feature is a genuine reason to upgrade to an Android car stereo.

GPS SatNav

The Android car stereo is the same as your phone and tablet, with an app for sat nav and GPS directions. Every Android car stereo has a GPS device installed, and it just needs the app to turn this feature into a fully functioning sat nav. You can use the same app as your phone: Waze, Google Maps, Tomtom Go, Sygic, or any other mapping system; they will function the same on your Android car stereo.


Another key feature of the Android car stereo is to provides sound for your journey. The Android car stereo can function like a car stereo with Bluetooth from a phone and USB from a thumb drive. But the best way to get the most from an Android car stereo is to install a music streaming app. Use Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Music or Spotify, or any streaming app you choose. As long as you have access to data, you can stream. While not advised to be used while driving, and in some situations, using youtube to view videos on the Android car stereo screen is prohibited. The same youtube app on your phone can run on the Android car stereo, just with a bigger screen.


FM radio and DAB+ digital radio can be available in the Android car stereo. FM is built into the headunit while DAB+ is just an add-on USB device. You can listen to the radio on your Android car stereo, whether FM or DAB; there is an app for that.


The USB connectivity of the Android car stereos, built-in GPS and FM radio, access to many apps on the play store, and connection to the car speakers make the Android car stereo a great addition to your in-car entertainment.

I am an staff blogger. I have been using Android on my devices for many years and have learned a lot about the features and best hardware to keep up with the latest Android versions. I also make the coffee ☕

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