The Apple CarPlay Double DIN

(on a budget)

The Apple CarPlay in a Double DIN format for your vehicle stereo touchscreen upgrade is ideal if you have an iPhone and a Double DIN space available. You can also get the full functionality and fun of one of these headunits when on a strict budget – see our link at the bottom of the page.


Apple CarPlay is the system devised by Apple to bring iPhone apps to the screen in your car. The car display uses the phone to show the display and responds to taps via the touch screen. All the apps stay on the phone, and you can operate the phone from the larger, Double DIN screen of the car radio. CarPlay will make the iPhone display fit perfectly in the 7″ Double DIN screen. It looks very impressive.

Wired or Wireless CarPlay

Wireless CarPlay has some advantages; notably, fewer cables are a good feature. The initial connection for wireless and wired is about neck and neck. You could attach the Lightning cable to the phone to attach the carplay or enable a wireless hotspot that connects to the CarPlay adaptor.

Double DIN

It is the size of a car stereo. It is double the height of a single DIN. Think of two single DIN car stereos stacked on top of each other. You will get the idea of a Double DIN. If you have ample rectangular space in the dashboard for a stereo, two single DIN spaces, or a double DIN existing stereo, you can probably fit a Double DIN with CarPlay.


android is not required if you only want to Apple CarPlay your iPhone to a Double DIN car stereo. This gives you greater flexibility and no need to get bogged down in the Android specifications. Just be free with CarPlay and Double DIN touchscreen car radio.


For much less than $100, you can easily find this Apple CarPlay Double DIN Car Stereo on Amazon.

It will allow you to CarPlay your iPhone to a 7″ touch screen on a double-DIN car stereo. It requires installation and a friend who has previously fitted a car stereo may be able to help with that. This double-DIN 7″ car touch screen has more than just CarPlay. It also has an FM radio, backup camera, RGB LEDs, and steering wheel controls. There are plenty of features to keep you entertained.


Supports: This Double DIN CarPlay will support both Apple CarPlay for iOS and Android Auto for Android, giving more choices regarding which phones you can connect.

Size: The dimensions for this model are  7.01 inch (L) x 2.56 inch (W) x 3.94 (H) inch, which matches the Double DIN specification for an easy fit.

Display: HD LCD Capacitive touchscreen is used for the 7″ display.

Bluetooth: Dual channel Bluetooth 5.0 chip for hands-free calling.

Backup Camera: 12 LED light backing up system can switch automatically to the rearview and provide illumination for the camera.

Steering Wheel Controls: SWC included. It can connect to most cars to change volume and tracks from the steering wheel (check compatibility if you want to use this feature).

Connectors: There are two USB 2.0 sockets easily accessible on the front with RCA connectors on the rear.

FM Radio: Radio band: FM 87.5-108MHz

Voltage: 12v. A standard voltage for car stereos and their upgrades.


If you want the advantages of Apple CarPlay on a budget, in a Double DIN stereo, without Android apps, the X30 is ideal.

Get the X30 on Amazon

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