The easy way to Carplay & Android Auto

Without changing your car stereo!

Or you are buying an Android headunit!

Keeping the stereo

A lot can be said for keeping the OEM car stereo or even the aftermarket Kenwood/Pioneer/Alpine quality head units. These are well-made with quality components. They sound great but may lack modern features such as CarPlay or Android Auto.

No Change

You may not want to replace the existing equipment with an Android headunit. There can be several reasons for this, but cost is a significant factor. Getting a good Android headunit costs money, and then you add the cost of Apple CarPlay, and the cost rises. Installing a new head unit incurs costs and time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Apple Fan

There is no Android draw to an iPhone user, and the unfamiliar Android interface brings no joy to an Apple user. iPhone users want just carplay – the Apple, the siri, and the apps on a bigger screen. Well, there is a solution…

Car Play & Android Auto

The CarPlay and Android Auto screen includes a backup camera and an optional GPS module. But the main selling point is the screen, built-in CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility. This dumb screen can show the rear-facing camera but mirrors the phone screen for apps.


The screen sits on the dashboard but doesn’t replace the car stereo. You keep the OEM or aftermarket car stereo, but the screen is a mirror device. The advantage is cost. You don’t need to buy a complete Android system just to run Android Auto or apple carplay, and a basic screen will do the job at a much lower cost. You may find this is all you need, particularly for Apple users without any Android apps. Those happy to mirror their high-end Android mobiles would benefit from the Android auto screen.

How to get the carplay screen?

You can buy the 10.26″ Dash Cam Rearview Camera Wifi Carplay & Android Auto 4K DVR GPS Navigation Video Recorder Dashboard Dual Lens 24H Park on Aliexpress. Options include just the power lead, a GPS module, or the reversing camera.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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