The Fastest Android HeadUnit?

With a physical volume control

The faster the better and the PX6 based android headunits are the fastest available. Coupled with the 4Gb of RAM this headunit will respond quickly, no matter which apps you throw at it. As you swipe or tap the screen to active google maps or maybe play a song on spotify, you want the screen to react and the PX6’s do that, quickly.

This headunit is a budget friendly, common format, with a universal fit. Boasting a 10″ style screen and a single DIN body but at a very budget friendly price. This has proved itself as a popular choice for owners of the many Vivaro, Trafic and Primastar vans and campers travelling the country. But these are not limited to only vans! They are also fit nicely into cars, trucks and even boats.


This version of the fastest processor android headunit also has the physical volume control and various buttons to press. The advantages of the volume control knob is that you can use it from any screen and it feel familiar in a vehicle. The driver or passenger can adjust the volume, easily, without any need to tap the screen or bezel surround an potentially interrupt the sat nav. Having the volume control in easy reach can be a big advantage if there are no steering wheel controls fitted.


The disadvantage to having the physical volume control isn’t of a great concern. In order for the manufacturer to provide space to mount the controls and buttons they have had to fit a slightly smaller screen.

If you want the maximum screen size and are not concerned with the physical volume control, then have a look at this very similar android headunit. It has the very same processor and RAM configuration but uses the full size screen.

HDMI out and other features

An unusual feature for video out is by the newer HDMI system. Utilising cheap and robust standard HDMI cables. The video feed can be split and fed to headrest screens over HDMI.

RGB is often overlooked or just assumed. The ability to adjust the Red, Green and Blue components of the touch buttons is called RGB. This android headunit has RGB, many of the much cheaper models don’t.

Wifi, GPS, USB are all included as standard and this headunit is no different.

DSP – Digital Signal Processing is found on much more expensive models and is omitted from this budget friendly android headunit. The sound control is made under software. If sound quality and adjustment to a fine degree is important, have a look at out DSP enabled android headunts.

ISO – Connectors – easy

An important feature included with this budget friendly android headunit is the universal ISO connectors. Having this feature will make connecting up more ‘plug and play’ with the correct adapter. There is no soldering of speaker wires or struggling to identify the vehicle loom wiring. Allowing your new toy installed in the minimum of time. Currently they are at a very favourable price and available here, now, but stocks are limited, be quick.

Quick Review summary

This is a great choice for a universal 10 inch android headunit

Very fast processor
Budget friendly price
has RGB
has Physical volume control
ISO leads supplied
external microphone compatible
HDMI output

It is a universal fit, so additional adaptors may be required to install
no DSP
no fastboot
stock sells quickly at this price point

Speed 5/5
Value for money 4/5
Quality of construction 4/5
Ease of install 3/5

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
An android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in car entertainment installation and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to try a different car launcher :)

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